SM Thesis

Title Year Author Source
Single-Polarity Ion Electrospray Propulsion 2023 Shaik, Saba Z.  
Development of a Throttleable Attitude Control Scheme for Electrospray Propulsion Systems 2023 Harjono, Hanna  
Active Thermal Augmentation and Ultra Dense MEMS-Based Electrospray Thrusters 2022 Corrado, Matthew N.
Emission Capabilities of Nafion-Based Emitting Geometries 2022 Wangari, Charity
Design of a Bimodal Chemical-Electrospray Propulsion System using Ionic Liquid Monopropellants 2021 Bruno, Amelia R.
Numerical Characterization of Fragmentation in Ionic Liquid Clusters 2021 Schroeder, Madeleine R.
Silicon Wafer Integration of Ion Electrospray Thrusters 2020 Siegel, Noah W.
An Investigation of Nafion Electrospray Emitter Tips 2020 Adams, Andrew
Ionic Liquid and Lithium Salt Mixtures as Ionic Sources 2020 Apodaca Moreno, Maria Regina
Material and Fabrication Developments in the Ion-Electrospray Propulsion System 2020 MacArthur, Jonathan V.
Pulsed Nanosecond Dielectric Barrier Discharge in Nitrogen at Atmospheric Pressure 2020 Zhang, Yiyun
A Comprehensive Numerical Procedure for Solving the Taylor-Melcher Leaky Dielectric Model with Charge Evaporation 2019 Gallud Cidoncha, Ximo
Rendezvous Approach Guidance for Uncooperative Tumbling Satellites 2019 Chan, Manwei
Design and Manufacture of the Next Generation of Ion Electrospray Thrusters 2019 Freeman, Dakota S.
Design and Analysis of a Stage-Based Electrospray Propulsion System for CubeSats 2019 Jia-Richards, Oliver
On the Design of Electrospray Emitters and their Microfluidic Behavior 2019 Kristinsson, Bjarni O.
Reduced Order Modelling of Streamers and their Characterization by Macroscopic Parameters 2019 Pavan, Colin A.
Testing New Potential Fuels for Ion Electrospray Propulsion Systems 2018 Getty, Daniel E.
Aircraft Charging Using Ion Emission for Lightning Strike Mitigation: An Experimental Study 2018 Mouratidis, Theodore
Characterization of Fluorohydrogenated Ionic Liquids for use in the Ion Electrospray Propulsion System 2018 Bates, Caroline L.
Stability Enhancement of Atomic Time keeping Using Raman Adiabatic Rapid Passage 2017 Wu, Nancy
Materials for Small-Scale Space Propulsion Systems 2017 Bost, Alexander
Structure and Performance of Carbon Xerogel Molded Emitters for Micropropulsion Applications 2016 Jivanescu, Iulia
Numerical Models of Hall Thruster Ionization Oscillations 2016 Kay, Ewan S.
On the Stability of Complex Ions in Ionic Liquid Ion Sources 2015 Miller, Catherine
Porous Material and Process Development for Electrospray Propulsion Applications 2014 Arestie, Steven
Improvements to a Fully Kinetic Hall Thruster Simulation Code and Characterization of the Cylindrical Cusped Field Thruster 2014 Boulanger, Louis
Visual-inertial odometry with depth sensing using a multi-state constraint Kalman filter  2014 Galfond, Marissa
Power conversion and scaling for vanishingly small satellites with electric propulsion 2014 Hansel, George
Characterization of a Magnetically Levitated Testbed for Electrospray Propulsion Systems 2014 Mier-Hicks,Fernando
Design and Manufacturing of an Ion Electrospray Propulsion System Package and Passively-fed Propellant Supply 2014 Perna, Louis
CubeSat Attitude Control using Micronewton Electrospray Thruster Actuation 2014 Van de Loo, Mark
Application of Ion Electrospray Propulsion to Lunar and Interplanetary Missions 2014 Whitlock, Caleb
Fabrication and Characterization of Sintered Porous Glass Emitters for Electrospray Propulsion 2014 Xie, Julie
Development and Simulation of a Cylindrical Cusped-Field Thruster and a Diagnostics Tool for Plasma-Materials Interactions 2013 Pang, Anthony
Characterization of Ionic Liquid Ion Sources for Focused Ion Beam Applications 2013 Perez-Martinez, Carla
Modeling the Characteristics of Propulsion Systems Providing Less Than 10 N Thrust 2012 Chiasson, Thomas
Considerations for a Multi-Modal Electrospray Propulsion System 2012 Coffman, Chase
Performance Characterization and Optimization of a Diverging Cusped Field Thruster with a Calibrated Counter-Weighted Millinewton Thrust Stand 2012 Daspit, Ryan
Electrospray Emitters For Diffusion Vacuum Pumps 2012 Diaz-Gomez-Maqueo, Pablo
Radiation of VLF/ELF Waves from a Magnetospheric Tether 2011 De Soria-Santacruz, Maria
High Voltage Repetitive Pulsed Nanosecond Discharges as a Selective Source of Reactive Species 2011 Guerra, Carmen
Molecular Dynamics Modeling of Ionic Liquids in Electrospray Propulsion 2010 Takahashi, Nanako
Characterization of an Iodine-Based Ionic Liquid Ion Source and Studies on Ion Fragmentation 2010 Fedkiw, Timothy
Construction and Performance of an Inverted Pendulum Thrust Balance 2010 Tartler, Brett R.
The Design and Feasibility of a 10 mN Chemical Space Propulsion Thruster 2009 Bruccoleri, Alexander
Emission Spectroscopy for the Study of Electric Propulsion Plasmas 2009 Matlock, Taylor
Emission of Whistler Waves from an Ionospheric Tether 2009 Takiguchi, Yu
The Use of Ionic Liquid Ion Sources (ILIS) in FIB Applications 2009 Zorzos, Anthony
Propulsion Mechanisms in a Helicon Plasma Thruster 2008 Sinenian, Nareg
Development and Characterization of a Diverging Cusped-Field Thruster and a Lanthanum Hexaboride Hollow Cathode 2008 Courtney, Daniel
Fabrication and Characterization of Porous Metal Emitters for Electrospray Applications 2008 Legge, Robert
Power Balance in Helicon Plasma Source for Space Propulsion 2008 White, Daniel
Optimizing Wettability of Externally Wetted Microfabricated Silicon Electrospray Thrusters 2007 Garza, Tanya Cruz
Development of a model for the near-exit plume of a Hall thruster 2007 Parra, Felix
An Analysis of Energy Balance in a Helicon Plasma Source for Space Propulsion 2007 Pucci, Justin
Empirical Aspects of a Mini-Helicon Plasma Thruster Experiment 2006 Palaia, Joseph
Characterization of a Variable Specific Impulse Electrospray Thruster 2006 Sumer, Selim  
Numerical Modeling of a Radio-Frequency Micro Ion Thruster  2006 Tsay, Michael
Parallelization of particle-in-cell simulation modeling Hall-effect thrusters  2005 Fox, Justin
Studies of Plume Condensation Contamination upon Surfaces of the Terrestrial Planet Finder Spacecraft  2005 Pigeon, Tim 
Applications of an Electrostatic High-Voltage Tether to Radiation Belt Remediation 2005 Zeineh, Christopher
Kinetic modeling of electrodynamic space tethers 2004 Deux, Jean-Marie 
Progress in colloid propulsion 2004 Lopez-Urdiales, Jose Mariano 
PIC Simulation of SPT Hall Thrusters: High Power Operation and Wall Effects  2004 Sullivan, Kay
Orbital Transfer Trajectory Optimization 2004 Whiting, James
Instrument Development and Plasma Measurements on a 200-Watt Hall Thruster Plume  2003 Azziz, Yassir
Theoretical analysis and experimental investigations of an expander-cycle centrifugal direct injection rocket engine 2003 Dietrich, Carl
Electron Collection by an Electrodynamic Bare Tether at High Potential  2003 Ferry, Jean-Benoit 
Milli-Newton thrust stand for electric propulsion 2003 Mirczak, Jareb
Hall Thruster Plume Simulation Using a Hybrid-PIC Algorithm 2003 Santi, Mark
Performance Testing and Internal Probe Measurements of a High Specific Impulse Hall Thruster  2003 Warner, Noah
PIC simulation of a ceramic-lined Hall-effect thruster  2002 Blateau, Vincent
Computational Modeling of a Hall Thruster Plasma Plume in a Vacuum Tank  2002 Cheng, Shannon 
Optimization of electric propulsion orbit raising  2002 Kimbrel, Scott 
Instruments Design and Testing for a Hall Thruster Plume Experiment on the Space Shuttle 2002 Pacros, Anne
Measurement and Modeling of the Flow Characteristics of Micro Disc Valves 2001 Carretero, Jorge
Micropropulsion System Selection for Precision Formation Flying Satellites  2001 Reichbach, Jeffrey 
Developing a space shuttle experiment for Hall and pulsed plasma thrusters  2001 Thomas, Stephanie
A Microfabricated Colloid Thruster Array  2001 Velasquez, Luis 
Design Study for Micro-Fabricated Colloidal Thrusters  2000 Paine, Mark  
Computational modeling of expanded plasma plumes in vacuum and in a tank  1999 Asare, Bernard 
Linear 1-D analysis of oscillation instabilities in stationary plasma thrusters  1999 Noguchi, Reid
Two dimensional particle-in-cell simulation model for Hall type thrusters  1998 Beidler, Pehn 
Dynamic Models for Liquid Rocket Engines with Health Monitoring Application  1998 Lozano, Paulo
Electron Current Collection by a Positively Charged Tether Using a Particle-In-Cell Method  1998 Onishi, Tatsuo
A Theoretical Study on Alkali Seeding of Arcjet Thrusters  1998 Oyerokun, Folusho 
Issues regarding a complete computational model of a Hall thruster from the acceleration channel through the plume  1998 Qarnain, Salma 
A Two-Dimensional, Non-Equilibrium, Numerical Model of an Alkali Seeded Hydrogen Arcjet Thruster  1998 Robertson, Darrel 
Ion Micro-Propulsion and Cost Modeling for Satellite Clusters  1998 Yashko, Gregory 
Two-dimensional hybrid particle-in-cell modeling of Hall thrusters  1995 Fife, John